Marco Cancino

Rosana Capredoni



Online Student Response Systems (OSRS) are web-based tools that can be used to collect and share language assessment data from students. Although they have been found to improve learner satisfaction, motivation, and learning, students’ perceptions need to be taken into account when addressing the contextualized nature of OSRSs. Therefore, 23 pre-service EFL teachers studying at a private university in Santiago were asked to provide their perceptions regarding the Socrative OSRS in terms of its usability, its impact on learning, and its impact on engagement. Findings showed that students held positive perceptions towards the usability of the application, but remained neutral in relation to its impact on learning and engagement. This is explained in terms of the nature and the layout of the application.


Key Words: Online Student Response System, Socrative, pre-service teachers’ perceptions


DOI: 10.30397/TJTESOL.202010_17(2).0004